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Dalian Modern Machinery Co.,Ltd. ISO 9001:2000  Registered  has specialized in the production of various  pipe flanges, pipe fittings, AWWA/ANSI/BS/DIN/JIS/MSS standards;  hydraulic flanges and fittings, cylinder end caps for many years,  as a manufacturer and manufacturers' representative in China,  Modern has supplied many kinds of  flanges and fittings since it's establish  in 1994,  which includes pipe flanges and  fittings, SAE J518/ISO6162 hydraulic flanges and SAE J514/SAE1453 /ISO8434 fittings, standard and customers' design based on material carbon steel and stainless steel. Competitive price, delivery just in time, quality and just the people are   4   reasons you would like  to do business with us.  We also have the skill, knowledge, experience, patterns, much materials in stock ready for manufacturing right now for you, which  eliminate your lead time period of ordering, and  stable supply period, which will help you to save your money.  Be sure that we are the suitable   people to supply suitable products  in the related fields.

Pipe Flanges & Fittings

Specification Standards

  • AWWA Forged & Plate Flanges

  • AWWA C207 Class D & Blinds

  • AWWA C207Class E & Blinds

  • AWWA C207 Class F & Blinds

  • ANSI B16.5 Forged Flanges

  • Class 150

  • Class 300

  • Class 600

  • Class 900

  • Class 1500

  • Class 2500

  • API 605 Forged Flanges

  • MSS SP44 Forged Flanges

  • DIN Slip On/Blind/Welding Neck

  • BS 4504

  • JIS 5K/10K/16K  Flanges

  • Specials

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Weld Neck Square





Slip On Flanges




Fixture Checking



Painting Flanges



Special Pipe Flanges








Patent Flanges




Container Shipping



Precision Machining



OEM Parts



Ultra Sonic Testing





O-Ring Grooved Parts




Gas System Application



Concepts and Capabilities:


  Quality Does Not Cost More !

  No Order Too Small !

  CNC/MC Machining

  CAD/CAPP/CAM/Solid Work Files Accepted!

  Pattern Manufacturing and fixture Checking!

  Control Quality From Start To Finish !

  SPC/Cpk value available

  OEM acceptable

  MTR Certificate provided

  PPAP Certificate provided

  FMEA Certificate provided

  Inspection Report  provided




Hydraulic Flanges

Pipe Flanges

Hydraulic Fittings

Special Flanges 



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